Saturday, 10 October 2015

New room decor

As you may remember, I mentioned my room is going under complete renovation. I can finally say it's over. I am not going to post old look of the room since it wouldn't make sense. It's been changed so much that it looks like entirely diffent place. There is literally no old thing left. Even floor and walls are new. I am delighted by the final result. Let me show you!

First, new wall decoration. Drawings are mine, they were inspired by victorian illustration. They are put in Ikea frames that are also new.

The clock is absolutely one of the most beautiful clock I've ever seen. It also has a canvas texture which looks amazing in real life!

 This is my favourite part of room. I think this Ikea mirror looks great near my new metal bed and velvet pillows!

 I also finally have Monster High dolls. They are soo cute. Just look at Draculaura's wings!

 I drew also that victorian lady and raven. On the left there are hooks for jewellery that turned out to be very practical.

 I got also a few matching plastic boxes in which i keep mainly perfume and sunglasses. (Oh, by the way, I think you MAYBE, only maybe already know what my favourite color is...)

My dad also put a hook in the shelf so I can display my pretty Ikea lantern.

Now the best thing about it: all the furnitures except the bed are repainted. Even the black shelves. I personally painted everything with my dad. They were all ugly orange-ish brown before. We saved a lot of money that way.
I have also new floor, it's gorgeous pinkish-brownish light gray color. And a matching fluffy carpet, which is pretty comfortable since I hate wearing something on my feet at home, hehe.

I could write also about new desk, blinds and chair, but I think I managed to mention all the major changes without writing a whole essay. What do you think about my fairytale room?

~Mia Amethyst